Heirloom Doll Costumes & Restoration
Mary B. Lytle · 2806 E. 9th St. · Tucson, AZ 85716-5242 USA · 1-520-881-5545
E-mail: puppen@heirloomrestoration.com

Doll Restoration Class

A three-day course of study,
9am to 5pm with hour for lunch.
One-on-one instruction.
Schedule class any time that is
mutually convenient.

Bring a notebook and various
examples of chipped, cracked, and/or broken bisque, china, and/or composition to work on.

Cost of the three-day course is $1,500.
Deposit of 10% (non-refundable) is
required to schedule class – the
balance (cashier's check) is due before instruction begins.

You are responsible for your own food, lodging, and transportation (discount rate at nearby hotel for students).

Instructional topics include:
 · repair and restoration ethics
 · tools and equipment
 · materials and supplies
 · shop safety
 · removing wigs, eyes, and teeth
 · disassembling and cleaning previously "restored" porcelain
 · reassembling broken porcelain
 · stabilizing cracked porcelain
 · filling chips, holes, and cracks in porcelain
 · making new "porcelain" parts (fingers, teeth, etc.)
 · making and repairing sleep-eye rockers
 · setting sleep-eyes and stationary eyes
 · disassembling bodies, cleaning/stripping
 · reassembling broken composition
 · filling cracks, seams, blisters, sockets, and holes in composition
 · replacing missing hooks in composition
 · rebuilding composition fingers, toes, and missing sections
 · making new composition parts
 · color matching
 · painting and sealing repairs (airbrush)
 · replacing eyelashes
 · proper body-stringing methods
 · making cloth bodies
 · essentials for starting and operating a successful restoration business

You receive a Professional Doll Restoration manual containing all course material. On completion of the course, you also receive a certified diploma – an important credential to display to your customers.